Division Overview

TAPPI's International Nanotechnology Division

TAPPI’s International Nanotechnology Division was launched in 2011 as a new division within TAPPI after several years as a large committee.  TAPPI, the leading technical association from professionals in the pulp, paper, packaging, tissue and allied industries, has eleven divisions representing the various markets it serves.

TAPPI’s NanoDivision is a forum for scientists, technical professionals, students and other stakeholders interested in advancing the responsible and sustainable production and use of renewable nanomaterials.  

NanoDivision Structure:

The organizational structure of the NanoDivision is composed of the Leadership council and the following committees.

What does the Division do?   A LOT!

The NanoDivision is responsible for:

  • Planning the annual conference
  • Develop books and webinars to provide information, both general and detailed, to audiences all around the world
  • Promoting the use of renewable nanomaterials
  • Providing a forum for researchers and scientists to gather and share information and needs
  • Engage today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders

Division Membership

To belong to the NanoDivision, all you need to do is join TAPPI.  Once you are a TAPPI member, you can join committees and get access to member-only information.  See Join the Division web page for details on the benefits of joining TAPPI and how to join the Division.