Producers Committee


Lars Axrup

Stora Enso



Jimmy H. Jong




Christophe Danumah

Alberta Innovates



To provide a forum for producers of cellulosic nanomaterials to share industry-wide needs to support the commercial development of these materials.


Focus on industry-wide and pre-competitive issues, including:

  • Identifying research challenges that need to be addressed from a fundamental perspective
  • Identifying areas where industry standards should be given greater focus and support
  • Identify white papers or other publications that are needed to educate the public or material users
  • Identifying white papers, other publications, or technical presentations on specific research areas that would benefit producers.

Committee Membership: Membership is limited to those companies and organizations producing cellulose nanomaterials at the pilot and larger scale. If you feel your organization qualifies, please reach out to committee chair Lars Axrup to request membership.