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Insight into Lignin-Based Materials Webinar:

Insight into Lignin-Based Materials Webinar

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Took Place on October 25th, 2022 

Lignin has emerged as an important component for the valorization of plant biomass. Interesting approaches for upgrading lignin either by controlled depolymerization using catalytic fractionation or materials fabrication have been of great interest to the research community. For the latter, exploitation of industrially available technical lignins, such as kraft and organosolv lignins have provided pathways towards functional materials such as mesoporous aerogels, nanofiber sponges, lignin polymer blends, carbon fiber and colloidal lignin particles. This talk will highlight some basic information about lignin (types and sources) and how these feedstocks can be manipulated into new materials. The talk will describe some processes about making lignin more uniform by fractionation and chemical modification to discuss some structure and property relationships. The talk is aimed at researchers and managers wanting to better understand lignin and its potential with some observations about lignin structure.

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