Student Committee


To provide a forum for students to develop a  global network, connecting students and young professionals to academia and industry, as well as facilitating knowledge exchange, providing useful tools, advice, and encouragement, so that students pursue careers that advance the use of renewable and sustainable nanomaterials.




The Student Committee works to: 

  • Provide an active, global network to connect students and young professionals working in the area of renewable and sustainable nanomaterials;
  • Share knowledge and information to support student success in academia, through both their technical work and as well as preparing for their careers;
  • Support students as they transition to industry professionals by providing knowledge of the industry and career paths, as well as facilitating connections with industry leaders;
  • Offer students a variety of opportunities and activities at the annual TAPPI Nano conference to maximize the value of their participation.



How to Join:

Committee membership is open to any student, whether still an undergrad, or pursuing an advance degree.  Not a student anymore?  You are still welcome to join! 

Students must be a member of TAPPI.  Not a TAPPI member?  TAPPI has a few sponsored student membership available.  Reach out to Lisa Stephens at [email protected] to request an application. 





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Read the most recent TAPPI Nano Student Committee Newsletter - Nano360






Co- Vice Chair

Megan Roberts,

University of Toronto



Co- Vice Chair

Sara Roldan Velasquez,

University fo Strathclyde Glasgow





Co- Vice Chair

Diego Gomez Maldonado,

Auburn University





Co- Vice Chair

Maria Celeste Iglesias,

Auburn University











Engagement Chair

Gwenn Delepierre,

University of Fribourg