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As students and professionals around the world, members of TAPPI's NanoDivision strive to advance the responsible use and production of renewable and sustainable nanomaterials.

Whether you attend our annual conference, are a committee member, read our newsletter, or are just curious about this emerging technology, there is something on our website for you.  Please take a look around our website – learn, and join in the fun!

The TAPPI Nano Webinar Committee invites you to join us for our upcoming webinar Labeling Strategies for Cellulosic Materials"scheduled for May 15, 2019 at 12:00pm (EDT).  

This free webinar, hosted by TAPPI’s Nanotechnology Division examines identifying/quantifying cellulose in dilute solutions/complex matrix. Topics covered include strategies for choosing the appropriate label for various forms of cellulose, as well as a number of applications, including environmental and health safety, food coatings, composites, and nonaqueous solvents. Attendees will learn to:

  • Choose an appropriate cellulose label for a given application
  • Choose an appropriate labeling chemistry for a given media condition

The webinar features Douglas M. Fox, Ph.D., currently a Professor in the Chemistry Department at American University (Washington, DC). Dr. Fox will also be presenting at for TAPPI’s 2019 International Conference on Renewable Nanomaterials (TAPPI Nano 2019) as part of Session 28: Toward Non-Traditional Markets with a presentation called Labeled Cellulose Nanofibrils for EHS Studies.

 This webinar is free to attend, but you must register in advance.


NANO 2019

Nano2019 is in Japan, June 3-7, 2019.  The technical program is finalized, built from the largest pool of abstract submissions of any prior NANO conference. This years program is strong & energized with a full day of keynote talks, 120+ technical talks, 100 posters,  student poster competition, access to Japan's Nanocellulose Forum (NCF) Exhibition, two workshops, tours, NanoDivision Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony, and much more.  The excitement for Nano2019 is building, as of 25-May, there are 370 people registered (75 of which are students).  Additionally,  we have many people registered from China, Japan, and South Korea, which is much more than any prior NANO conference, and this bodes well for give our community an added boost of new perspectives and capabilities in Nanotechnology for renewable materials.  Please see the Nano2019 website to learn more.  Hope to see you at Nano2019 !!!   

HSE Summary Update (11-2018)

Some of the latest Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) resources for nanomaterials, and those specific to Cellulose Nanomaterials are listed.  Brought to you by Vireo Advisors, LLC.