Past Conferences

Each year, the TAPPI NanoDivision hosts the International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials (e.g., the TAPPI NANO conference), which has established itself as the preeminent technical conference on the production, research, development, and application of cellulose nanomaterials and other renewable materials. This conference provides a unique forum that delivers exceptional technical value, networking opportunities and industry knowhow for participants working in either research, development and deployment of renewable nanomaterials.   The host location for the NANO Conference has cycled between the United States, Canada, Scandinavia and Europe, and Nano2019 is in Japan, this generates greater exposure & networking opportunities for conference attendees within the global research and development efforts in renewable nanomaterials. In addition, while at a given location the conference organizes tours to relevant and influential Industry or Research Institutions in Nanotechnology and renewable nanomaterials.  Since its debut in 2006,  the NANO conference attendance has increased, stabilizing at around 300 attendees since Nano2016.     

Please see the links below for summaries and/or brochures for each NANO conference.






Chiba, Japan



















Montreal, Canada









Espoo, Finland






Edmonton, Canada










Atlanta, GA, USA