End Users Committee


Hamdy Khalil

Woodbridge Foam Corporation




Dr. Heli Kangas


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To provide a forum for end-users of renewable nanomaterials (cellulosic, chitin, hemicellulose, lignin, starch, etc) to share industry-wide needs to support the commercial development of these materials, within various product streams (e.g., paper/packaging, cosmetics/personal care, cement/concrete, drilling fluids, polymer composites, coatings, biomedical, filtration/barrier, and more...).


 Focus on industry-wide and pre-competitive issues, including:

  • Identifying research challenges that need to be addressed from a fundamental perspective
  • Identifying areas where industry standards should be given greater focus and support
  • Identify white papers or other publications that are needed to educate the public or material users
  • Identifying white papers, other publications, or technical presentations on specific research areas that would benefit End-Users


How to Join:

To inquire about joining the committee please contact Natasha Bush-Postell at [email protected].