Nano Ops

Your small contribution can make a big difference in growing our community

Nano Ops:

Interested in getting involved but you don’t have much time?  Nano Ops – or small opportunities to help - are areas where the Division can use your help, without taking up much of your time.

Nano Ops -  Possibilities

Web Site Content Development:

To keep the website current and useful to our community, we need input form our community on what they would want to have on the site. Some of this direction will follow from NanoDivision committee outputs, but we still would like your input.   Also, we need volunteers to fine and implement content into the website.  If you would like to help please contact  Lisa Stephens at TAPPI

News Articles:

We try to keep up with all the news items related to nanotechnology and renewable nanomaterials.  If you would like to help us collect and post these stories, please contact Lisa Stephens at TAPPI. 

Contributions to Nano360:

IF the community would like to have a quarterly news article on recent updates on renewable nanomaterials, we have a mechanism to do this with Nano360.  We will always be looking for content in Nano360, volunteers can help out by adding content (either with their own work, or finding/identifying other relevant materials/information) and with editing.  If you would like to  help please contact Lisa Stephens at TAPPI.

Contribute to TAPPI Technical Information Papers (TIP):

TIPs are documents containing specialized information on a broad range of subject matters relevant to research, development and products.  TIPs can be used as platform for our community in sharing  information that might not otherwise be published/documented.   For example,   best practices on testing procedures.  Though TIPs should not be considered a standard, they can still provide some guidance until a formal standard is developed and approved. If you would like to help in the writing some TIPs please contact  Lisa Stephens at TAPPI.