Research Committee


Maria Soledad Peresin

Auburn University




Douglas Fox

American University

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Technical Program Chair

Amir Sheikhi

Penn State

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To provide a forum for academic and industrial researchers and scientists to exchange information and collaborate for the advancement of science and engineering that is needed to address industry-wide needs in commercial development of renewable nanomaterials.  


Focus on industry-wide and pre-competitive issues, including: 

  • Characterization, Environmental-Health-Safety (EHS), modeling,
  • Renewable nanomaterials (cellulosic, chitin, hemicelluloses, lignin, starch, etc) 
  • Applications-based platform technology areas
  • Assist in the development of thematic program and organization of intentional meetings
  • Cross Communicate with research and development centers and universities worldwide
  • Assist other committees and leadership in research-related aspects
  • Coordinate with other committees research-oriented plans and activities
  • Identify research infrastructure and support requirements for members
  • Identify educational research priorities and projects of relevance to TAPPI constituencies


How to Join:

Identify which subcommittee(s) you would like to be associated with then contact Natasha Bush-Postell at [email protected]