2017 TAPPI International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials

Nano2017 Snapshot:

The 2017 International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials, was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.   Now in its 12th year, Nano2017 had 305 delegates from 31 countries, setting a record attendance for the conference.   There was a Buzz of Activities:  3-Keynote talks, 1-lunch sponsorship talks, Tour of FPInnovation, 1-workshop (safety), 5-table top displays, 2-NanoDivision Awards, End-Users Panel Discussion, Product showcase, Career Panel, poster session with student poster competition, welcome reception, Young Professional Mixer, conference dinner, and a technical program that highlighted over 140 technical presentations on production, characterization, applications and functionalization of renewable nanomaterials.


Conference Venue - Hyatt-Regency

Nano2017 Highlights:
  • Opening Keynote: Life in a Start-up: CelluForce Experience:   Mr. Sébastien Corbeil, President and CEO of CelluForce, gave an insightful talk on the realities, challenges and success of speeding up the commercialization of nanocrystalline cellulose.
  • Keynote: An Innovation Toolbox to Develop, De-Risk and Deploy World-Leading Nanocellulose Opportunities: Dr. Trevor Raymond Stuthridge, Executive Vice President of FPInnovations, gave a unique perceptive on strategies for overcoming the realities and challenges of linking cellulose nanomaterials research and development with business development, and by doing so, giving insight on how to deploy new innovations in Nanocellulose materials development in commercialization opportunities.
  • Keynote: CelluForce NCC™: Making Its Way Into Commercial Products: This was a sponsored Keynote talk by CelluForce who were the Gold Sponsor of Nano2017.  Dr. Richard Berry of CelluForce introduced their cellulose nanocrystalline material (Nanocrystalline Cellulose –NCC–), described the application areas and industry segments that they are pushing materials research and development, and summarized some of the potential products that include their NCC.  
  • Keynote: Canada’s Innovation System-Producing Nanoproducts with a Macro-effect:  Mr. Jean-François Levasseur, Director, Innovation, Industry & Indigenous Programs (Natural Resources Canada – Canadian Forest Service), briefed attendees on Canada's approach to the commercialization of innovative transformative technologies, such as advanced bioenergy, biomaterials, biochemicals and next-generation building products across industrial forest products facilities, helping to demonstrate where forest biomass can be used to replace fossil fuel based feedstocks in the manufacture of a variety of products such as fuels, chemicals and specialty materials.
  • Tour of FPInnovations: A sold out event, in which 100 conference attendees toured the research facilities on aquatic biology, pilot paper machine, refiners, Bio-Sugars, cellulose fibril (CF), CNC lab, microscopy with an expo of bioproducts.
  • First Endusers Panel: The first-ever End-Users Panel, hosted by Hamdy Khalil, this panel of five companies (e.g., 3M, Cabot, Ford, L’Oreal, Schlumberger), representing various end-user industry segments, discussed issues and requirements that the ultimate end user will have when producing commercial products incorporating cellulose nanomaterials.
  • First Career Panel: Host by the Student Committee, the panel comprised of representatives from academia, government and industry, and shared their own career path story, and insight into  “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of the process for these various job sectors. 
  • NanoDivision Gala Event:  A sold out event, in which 150 conference attendees, socialized and networked over dinner and music on board Cavalier Maxim to view the lights of Montreal while cruising the Saint Lawrence Riverboat tour.  After the dinner, attendees enjoyed the DJ music at the bow of the boat and many danced the night away.
Nano2017 Workshop:
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Considerations for Bio/Nano Technologies Workshop:  Presented by Vireo Advisors, LLC.  This workshop provided an introduction to Health Safety and Environmental Considerations for Bio/Nano Technology Commercialization, by focusing on occupational, environmental, and consumer health and safety for new technologies, with special consideration of bio-based and nanoscale materials.
NanoDivison Award Recipients: [link]
  • Technical Award & FiberLean® Technologies Prize: Presented to Hiroyuki Yano, Professor, Kyoto University
  • Leadership & Service Award:  Presented to Sean P. Ireland, Vice President Business Development, FiberLean Technologies Ltd.
Nano2017 Documents:

Nano2017 Group Shot