Tiffany Abitbol

Tiffany obtained her PhD in Chemistry from McGill University in Prof. Derek Gray’s group, where she focused her efforts on cellulosic nanocomposites. After two postdocs, one at McMaster University (Prof. Emily Cranston’s group) and a second at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Prof. Oded Shoseyov’s group), Tiffany moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where she was employed as a researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden from 2017-2022. In June of 2022, Tiffany began a professor position at EPFL in the Institute of Materials within the School of Engineering. Her position, an endowed chair in sustainable packaging, is supported by BASF, Logitech, Nestlé, and SIG.  Tiffany’s group (Sustainable Materials Laboratory) continues to focus on cellulose and other bio-based materials, with an overarching aim of connecting composition and colloidal properties to the performance of engineered materials derived from renewable resources.